Friday, April 18, 2008

Kuala Koh, Nerd Crew Experimental Playground - Journey Photo

16 NERD crews, near Tasik Kenyir.

Some photos on great views of Tasik Kenyir. So relaxing.

Gave some posses before rode on a long boat

Kepeng commanding the boat to isolated camping site

Symbol of Peaceness

Again. Double Shot of Peaceness. Plus big smile.

Chibone leading the BBQ session. Maimon's Protege.

Zaza couldn't hardly wait for Tubing even after tragedi hanyut the day before.

Water Confident. Konon.

Chibone kate perutnya cramp.

After some series of bullies, Fifi (not a real name) decided to go on her own.

First time in human history. Tube became an ERL, in water. Rapid KL should be felt threated.

Let's sing together: Siapa gembira angkat tangan...

Jungle tracking. Fifi (not a real name) just need to wear a pair of socks for this adveture part. Bravo!


The very last posses. But not least.
Kuala Koh, you were conquered.


We have plan to return to Kuala Koh in near future. We hope that the participant will be greater than this. Also we hope too, from other PTJs, to join us. We are welcoming you.

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